• Once my new résumé gets ready, it will be available here as ~ PDF, HTML, and Google DOC.

I'm not proud of what I've done so far, but here are the few things that have been a part of my life -

1. Freelancing : Four years of irregular freelancing. Built Web Apps, Command Line Tools, APIs, Chrome Extensions, Scrappers, and Websites.

2. Teaching : Taught Computer Science to the students of class 11th and 12th for six months at Don Bosco Sr Sec School.

3. Engineering : Joined a startup called Gorakhmart, where I built and shipped the complete product (e-commerce based) from scratch. Later, I worked on the company’s cab platform where my work was primarily related to the product’s performance. Probably worked for around nine months or so.

4. Ghost Programmer : A weird phase of life when I didn't care about anything. Used to work on behalf of people. Did the work for a tiny amount of money. At that time, money didn't matter to me. I was passionate about building things, so I did it for nothing.

5. Blogging : Have done a lot of blogging. This was during the initial days (around 2016-2017). None of the blog exists. Mainly worked as a web designer/developer and content writer. It was fun!

6. Designing : Back in the days, I used to do graphic designing, mostly logos and wallpapers. Made some money out of it, but didn't do it for long. For a really small period, I worked as a graphic designer for this Custom Linux based OS Project called Oikyo Linux.