Life changes. So does people’s choice and their priorities. But maybe one thing that stays forever and it’s nothing other than the question - “what other thinks about me?”

“Well, I don’t care what others think about me. I don’t give a fuck…” said each and, every lad who was partially or, fully active on the sites like Sarahah and, to get “constructive criticism” for their face, charm, beauty, life and, their dick.

Being a human with double standard has become our lifestyle. People are doing everything to make them feel good. Either it’s masturbation, or liking their own profile picture on the social media or anything that is considered as “cool”.

I feel weird when I see people going completely nuts for such things.

To be honest, I don’t see any reason why people want to get “constructive” yet “anonymous” criticism in their life? I see no achievement, no fun, no enthusiasm, no lesson, and no knowledge.

Is the time too cheap to waste? Well, who knows. Almost everyone is trying to kill their time in the worst way possible. Maybe for them, it’s cheap, but, for me, it’s not. And when I see people wasting their time, I feel a little bad from the inside because I hate seeing them doing weird shits for no reason. It’s not fun watching your own colleagues killing their time when they could spend it wisely and learn something new, every day!

Although, the fad of using Sarahah is low now but, it’s still there. It was viral a few days back. Nearly everyone I knew was posting the screenshots of the fake criticism they get on and for their shithole life. It pissed me off, completely!

The only reason I’m writing this post is to tell everyone what I feel about these sites and people who use them. Even though I’ve no hard feelings for anyone but what the actual fuck are they doing?