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NOTE : Reading about something doesn't mean you are in favor or against of it. In this ocean that contains links instead of plastic, you'll find so many blog posts which can make you assume certain things about me. READ MORE...

10 August, 2018

1 How to Leave Your Body
2 History Is Repeating Itself for Asian Americans
3 My Very Special Abilities
4 The Silencing of the Deaf
5 The Internet’s Pyrrhic Victory Over TV
6 How To Leave Toxic Diet Culture Behind And Pursue Actual Health
7 The Japanese Concept ‘Ikigai’ is a Formula for Happiness and Meaning
8 The Dance of Motherhood and Shame

9 August, 2018

1 How To Chart A New Course For Your Life With 3 Simple Diagrams
2 Snow Owl
3 Evolution, Atheism, and Gender Dysphoria: A Few of God’s Favorite Things
4 What Was It Like When The Higgs Gave Mass To The Universe?
5 How to Break Up with Donald Trump
6 I Risked My Life for My Dream Job
7 GOD: A Human History
8 The Underground World of Magical Resistance on the Internet
9 The Grain Farmer
10 A Normal Person’s Guide to Buying an Old Film Camera
11 Why Science Should Never Cure Heartbreak

8 August, 2018

1 The Identity Asymptote
2 How To Overthrow A Scientific Theory In Three Easy Steps
3 Disruptions that Changed the World
4 Why the Best Spiritual Practice Is the One You Invent Yourself
5 We Are Not A Christian Nation
6 My Life In Funny Pictures
7 The Balcony
8 The Body Proud of Her Tasty Nudes
9 The Taunting Mystery of Life on Other Planets
10 The Watering Down of Blackness
11 Why Basic Jobs Are Better Than Basic Incomes
12 What I Learned from Gods Who Don't Exist

7 August, 2018

1 How to Avoid Self-Sabotage and Win Your Next Negotiation
2 Why Blockchain, Why Now?
3 Being a transgendered web developer in a male-dominated profession
4 100 Philosophy Quotes That Will Inspire and Challenge You
5 My Journey To DevOps
6 Alone in a Crowd: The Hidden Landscape of Menopause
7 Breathing Space
8 Facial Recognition Is the Perfect Tool for Oppression
9 The Babies at the Fringes of Fertility Tech
10 A.I. and the Art of Spotting Fakes
11 How I Learned to Run Away From My Problems and Like It
12 What’s Plaguing Our Doctors?
13 To Reach an Audience of Millions, Create for an Audience of One

6 August, 2018

1 Astrology and the Art of Personal Myth-Making
2 Truth, Lies, and Unleaded
3 Groove Is in the Heart
4 The Year I Taught Myself to Be a Little More Brave
5 My Life, Told Through Drinks
6 The Whitewater Rafting Guide
7 The 5 Best Places to Live in 2100
8 The Almost Civil War of 1789
9 Mary Todd Lincoln, Spiritualist
10 Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘Apes**t’ Was a Subtle History Lesson in Race and Power
11 11 Laws of Creativity I Stole From Leonard Cohen
12 Blockchain Is A New Model That Makes The Existing Model Obsolete
13 The Elements That Shape an Authentic Life

5 August, 2018

1 Will Climate Change Remake Human Biology?
2 This Is What Climate Change Looks Like in VR
3 In Defense of Not Saving the World
4 Can You Escape Climate Gentrification if You’re Rich?
5 Ad Tech’s Impossible Mission
6 How Software Ate the Point of Sale
7 The Complete Guide to Overcoming Gymtimidation
8 How to Stick to Your Fitness Habits the Easy Way, According to Science
9 The Truth About Fish Oil
10 Where Does The ‘Energy’ For Dark Energy Come From?
11 Redesigning Siri and adding multitasking features to iOS
12 t4t and trans separatism: the politics of radical love
13 Measuring The Quality Of Life
14 How Facial Recognition Could Tear Us Apart

4 August, 2018

1 The Luxury Network
2 How Rich Is ‘Rich?’ Here Is the Number That Buys a Ticket In
3 We’re Living in a Fake World
4 Higher Education Innovation: 25 Examples of Excellence
5 There Was No Big Bang Singularity
6 Karl Marx, Prosperity Coach
7 In Blockchain We Trust
8 Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebook's Wild Early Days in Palo Alto
9 The Math of Being Simple

3 August, 2018

1 There’s A Debate Raging Over Whether Dark Matter Is Real, But One Side Is Cheating
2 Crossing the Divide
3 #20GayTeen: the Year of Hayley Kiyoko
4 How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds
5 The Waitress
6 The Theory of Visitors
7 Modern Photography Is Changing How We Remember Our Lives
8 The Teacher
9 We Are What We Feel And Give Attention
10 Love Letters
11 Over the Acid Rainbow
12 Escape to the Azores Islands, 1,000 Miles From Land

2 August, 2018

1 How Honesty Can Truly Set You Free
2 Ultimate Personal Management Systems
3 The Vague Role of ‘Copywriter’
4 Cake Weather
5 A Trip to the Museum With Cartoonist John Porcellino
6 Life After Quitting
7 Gwyneth, Ivanka, and the End of the Effortless White Woman
8 Facebook Doesn’t Always Make You Lonely
9 5 Sights You Must Take In During The Century’s Longest Total Lunar Eclipse
10 Is Sex Always A Power Struggle?

1 August, 2018

1 How To Make Yourself An Unstoppable Force
2 Don’t Keep Your Superpower Hidden
3 A Sneaky Theory of Where Language Came From
4 Data Mining Reveals Fundamental Pattern of Human Thinking
5 What It Really Means to Be Marginalized
6 This Is Not My Father's China
7 Learning to Work With Robots
8 When the World Turns In
9 How Natural Selection Screwed Us
10 When Will It Be Time’s Up for Motherhood and Marriage?

31 July, 2018

1 Travel Is No Cure for the Mind
2 How I Hacked My Vulnerability
3 It Leaks, It’s Analog, and I Love It
4 Love Is a Verb, Not a Noun
5 Why Your Mind Likes to Ask Lazy Questions
6 How to Survive Your Creative Despondency
7 On Finding Solace From an Existential Crisis
8 Digital Nomads Are Not the Future
9 The Most Common Vulnerability Of All
10 Secrets To Make Technology Serve You
11 My Mother the Drunk
12 The Stories My Mother Gave Me
13 Learning to Love in the Wilds of Our Bodies
14 Learning to Be Looked At
15 The Labiaplasty Boom, or the World’s Latest Complaint with the Female Form
16 Venture Capital Is Built on Serendipity
17 Tech Platforms and the Knowledge Problem
18 “Sin” Taxes — eg, on Tobacco — Are Less Efficient Than They Look
19 We Will Not Get Bigger, We Will Not Get Faster
20 Why The Giving Tree Makes You Cry
21 A Letter from the Fat Person on Your Flight
22 A New Device Can Hear Your Thoughts
23 Are Moon Colonies Possible — or the Fantasy of Billionaires?

30 July, 2018

1 So You’re Lost in Your Twenties
2 Twenty, Married, and Still a Virgin
3 What Do 90-Somethings Regret Most?
4 Use This Trick to Find Tranquility
5 Just Like Us: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Taylor Swift, America’s Relatable Sweetheart
6 A Death Online
7 Rewriting DNA for Fun and Profit
8 The Case for Genetically Engineering Ethical Humans
9 Why Having a Niche Business Is the Best Thing for My Mental Health
10 Should We Pay Mothers to Donate Placentas?
11 The Framer
12 This UK City Wants to Win with the Sharing Economy
13 Today is 10x More Important Than Tomorrow (Your Decisions Today Compound for Life)
14 What I’ve Learned in 5 years as a Developer
15 Collateral Damage
16 Born into slavery, this man won the Kentucky Derby three times and became the richest American athlete

29 July, 2018

1 The Banality of Dutch (Western) Trans Health Care
2 Habits You Should Adopt Immediately to Make Big Changes In Your Life
3 Which Movies Get The Science Of Time Travel Right?
4 Life After Aziz
5 #MeToo and the State of the Public Apology
6 The Faith In Donald J. Trump
7 5 Things I Learned Trapped in a Secret Propaganda Room in North Korea
8 The Strange Cure for Insomnia In Trump’s America
9 How to Get Rich and Never Die Trying
10 The Shoemaker
11 The First Lesson of Literature Is That People Survive
12 Take These Actions Immediately to Improve Your Life in The Next 100 Days
13 Should Software Engineers Care About Ethics?
14 The Future of Celebrity Is a Japanese Hologram Named Miku
15 How To Tell if Climate Change Will Destroy Your Apartment

28 July, 2018

1 Meet the Startup That Thinks DNA Can Predict Your Best Diet
2 The Cruel Myth of the Suffering Artist
3 Welcome (Back) to the Divided States of America
4 LOVE! And Marriage
5 Meet The Asylum Seekers Fighting For Working Rights In Ireland
6 This Simple Thought Experiment Shows Why We Need Quantum Gravity
7 Netanyahu’s ‘Iran Lied’ Presentation Shows Why Trump Should Keep the Nuke Deal
8 God of War is a Fantasy about Your Dad Not Sucking
9 Why is Music So Powerful?
10 5 Things I Wish More People Knew About The Game Of Life

27 July, 2018

1 A Gentleman’s Guide to the #MeToo Era
2 Please Don’t Fear the Egg-Sorting Machine
3 To Live a Better Life, Think About Death
4 We Were the Ones Left Behind
5 A Century of U.S. Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis
6 The Three Important How-Tos
7 25 Best Fiction Podcasts
8 How The Planck Satellite Forever Changed Our View Of The Universe
9 Signs Of Insecurity
10 Human Intelligence

26 July, 2018

1 The Mothers Of Reinvention
2 Want to Become a Super Thinker? Read These Thought-Provoking Books
3 The Future of Food Goes Way Beyond Lab-Grown Meat
4 How I Hacked Time by Getting Up at 5:30AM
5 (Why) The Future is a Choice Between Two Socialisms
6 The Birth of Predatory Capitalism
7 The 16 Prime Life Investments To Make In Your 20’s
8 Do Americans Understand They’re Beginning to Commit The Legal Definition of Genocide?
9 The Age of the Imbecile
10 Crafting projects, Islam, and Russian propaganda

25 July, 2018

1 How To Be Mindful
2 Britain’s bad journalism risks normalising transphobia
3 We All Live In A Fantasy
4 It doesn’t fucking matter
5 I Grew Up in the Handmaid’s Tale
6 Five Things That Would Make The CIA/CNN Russia Narrative More Believable
7 Overcome These 5 Biases to be a Better Leader
8 The First Day of the Rest of My Life as a Widower
9 You’re Not the Average of the People You Spend the Most Time With
10 Other People Don’t Belong To Us

24 July, 2018

1 Things Worse Than Smoking
2 The Maps You Can’t Unsee
3 Why Did Artificial Intelligence Fail in the FIFA World Cup 2018?
4 The Death of a 7 Year Relationship
5 The Pillars Of Creation Haven’t Been Destroyed, Say New NASA Images
6 Your Brain on Coffee
7 If He’d Only Had A Woman
8 Simplify Life: What Can You Remove?
9 9 Things People Accidentally Do That Make Their Mondays Unproductive
10 Modern AI and the fundamental undoing of the scientific method

23 July, 2018

1 Use This Cross-Calendar Approach to Build a Healthy Habit in Just 21-Days (Hint: Don’t Break The Chain)
2 Calamities of the Heart
3 On the origin of the Moon and findings from the Apollo missions
4 Self-Love Isn’t About Affirmations
5 I Went Out with a Guy and He Sent Me an Invoice
6 Lessons learned from my journey as a self-taught developer
7 Knocking on Doors with Mormons
8 The Republic Has Fallen
9 The Simple Art of Not Being Miserable
10 The Genius Study: What Determines Creative Success?

22 July, 2018

1 The Work Required to Understand the Obvious (Or How to Be Wise)
2 What Happens When You See Yourself For the First Time Without Judgment
3 Communication Overload: Research shows most workers can’t go 6 minutes without checking email or IM
4 Why NHN’s Hancoin is the ‘Godfather of Korea’s Crypto Craze’ and Why it Signals Crypto Forever
5 A call to all trans activists to publicly disavow Andi Dier over her verbal attack of Rose McGowan
6 How Large Is The Entire, Unobservable Universe?
7 How To Apologize
8 What Cracking Open a Sonos One Tells Us About the Sonos IPO
9 Blockchain Technology Is Set to Disrupt Every Industry — and Music Is Next
10 How to Bend the World to Your Will

21 July, 2018

1 Why is Agile the most overused word in software business?
2 If You’re An Entrepreneur, You Might Also Be Mentally Ill
3 Skills for Success in Any Career
4 Are You a Drizzler or a Pooler?
5 Parenting a Child Who Wants to Disappear
6 The Secret to Winning an Argument
7 Why Attention is the Currency of Achievement
8 How Do I Stop Forgetting What I Learned So Quickly?
9 Is the Universe Conscious?
10 The Only Way to Guarantee Happiness

20 July, 2018

1 Biology and The Oppression of Women
2 Love Has A Spectrum
3 Forget Alien Megastructures, New Observations Explain Tabby’s Star With Dust Alone
4 Meltdown at 38,000 Feet
5 Oral Sex Is Not The Measure Of A Partner
6 The Haunting Photograph Of A Trapped 13-Year-Old Girl That Shocked The World
7 The Extraordinary Power of Prolonged Eye Gazing
8 How to Prevent Injuries Even if You Work a Desk Job
9 But Seriously, How Long Can Humans Live?
10 Nikon versus Canon: A Story Of Technology Change

14 July, 2018

1 Be harder on yourself (or someone else will)
2 These photos show how America almost went to war with Mexico during WWI
3 The 3 Most Important Things To Know Before You Ever Consider Getting Married
4 Does Marriage Even Make Sense Anymore?
5 How Blockchain Will Change the Sharing Economy
6 The richest American family hired terrorists to shoot machine guns at sleeping women and children
7 Gender bias? A transgender perspective!
8 No, NASA Did Not Find Even ‘Hints Of Life’ On Enceladus
9 The Age of the Imbecile
10 How to be Rational about Rationality

13 July, 2018

1 Sleeping with the Fishes
2 The New Intelligence Test for Finding the 3 M’s (Mission, Meaning, and Money)
3 A Company Built on a Bluff
4 You Never Want To Be The Smartest Person In The Room: Quit Trying To Be.
5 Develop Your Passion
6 This Is How North Korea Will Develop A Hydrogen Bomb
7 Roger Martin on Integrative Thinking
8 Three Lessons About Bad Dating Advice While in the “Friend Zone”
9 These women were the toughest performers in the Wild West
10 How to hack people loyalty with care?