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Question: What I'm gonna find here?

Answer: Quora is a pretty place. I like it, but I'm not a fanboy. I don't compare it with other platforms and brag about it, but there are people out there who do, and it's funny. Anyway, in this section, you'll basically find links, a lot of them. I hope you end up learning something, just like I did.

ID Question
1 What completely exposes the agenda of Shehla Rashid from JNU?
2 If Aryabhatta invented 0, then how did we know that Ravana had 10 heads?
3 Why does NDTV love Rohingyas?
4 Who are the most evil humans in history that most people have never heard of?
5 Who was the worst parent in history?
6 What are the best closing arguments to ever be used by lawyers?
7 Which famous person in history who is idolized, was actually a horrible person?
8 What is the most sophisticated piece of software/code ever written?
9 What are examples of brilliant military strategy?
10 What are some great things a child has done?
11 Is Dhruv Rathee reliable or not?
12 What is the most disappointing physics experiment in history?
13 Who is known as India's best Spy ever?
14 How dangerous is Subramanian Swami with his knowledge?
15 Why has China developed so much faster than India?
16 What is wrong with India?
17 What’s something you’ve learned recently that you want to share?
18 Why do ants die after the queen dies?
19 What if Pakistan and China declare war against India today?
20 What are some misconceptions that people have about your State/Union Territory in India?
21 What are some mind-blowing amazing facts about the human body?
22 What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct?
23 What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done?
24 What are some examples of great marketing?
25 What's the creepiest/scariest (not necessarily the most famous or most gruesome) unsolved mystery?