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Question: What I'm gonna find here?

Answer: Who doesn't love Medium articles? In this section, you'll find link to some good and bad articles posted on Medium. Don't worry, there will be no tech related post. I hope you have a nice time reading things!

Article How to Spot a Sketchy Spiritual Guru
Overview Good write-up, informative, and gives us an insight about the reality which often gets hidden under the name of "spirituality." What I find unnecessary in this article is the use of Trump's name and comparision of him with Jim Jones. I think there was no need of doing that and to be honest, it doesn't make sense at all. I'm not saying this to defend Trump, but the example was totally out of the context.

Article We Were Not Dating
Overview "We are not dating" - This phrase has been used 45 times in this article. I will be honest, I really liked the article, but here is the twist - when I read the first few lines, I thought it's a pure bullcrap. Talking about honesty, I murmured "This is an absolute whore-crying." Anyway, I just wanted to read the whole article to find out what's so good about it, and surprisingly I found it.

The article creates an image of the girl and the boy in your mind along with the whole storyline, and it's beautiful. My knowledge about the relationship is limited to the theory. Therefore, it was easy for me to imagine those characters instead of replacing them with me and my other half.