Rishi Giri

JavaScript, Python, and FOSS Enthusiast. Open Source Addict.

About me!

Hi, I'm a Computer Science Engineering Student. Although I don't go to any college, I don' think it prevents me from calling myself an Engineering Student. In another way, I'm a dropout, but to be honest, I'm not.

I'm really passionate about the Web Technologies, Artifical Intelligence, Computer Security, and Open Source.

There are lots of languages which I've used in the past, but I mostly like to work with JavaScript and Python. These are my favorites.

Apart from the tech part, I love exploring things related to the Social Issues, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, and Psychology. I care about Quality Education.

Feel free to drop me a mail at ~ rushforlinux@gmail.com

My Public Key is ~ 332F 38BC 7849 158A

You can find me on ~  Github,  npm,  Instagram,  Twitter,  Medium, Wordpress  Facebook,  Quora, and  Google+

Last but not least, I admire Aaron Swartz. He is my idol.