If you want to read about about Black Holes, check this article.

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying.

The scope of this post is limited to the field of Programming and the bombardment of curated list of resources that are being shoved down the throat of the Internet for clout, and it is acting as a bottleneck in the path of progress for people who are new to Programming.

To address the problem, I’ve to be very picky because I can’t cover the whole mess. Unfortunately, it’s never-ending and growing exponentially. I’m not sure whom to blame, and who am I to blame? It is a personal opinion anyway.

It’s not going to be an endless rant.


Recently, I decided to unfollow many people on Twitter and switch to the “Topics”. Worst decision ever. I don’t regret unfollowing people, but I’m genuinely surprised with the content. It’s absolute garbage, but with an insane amount of engagement.

The incident is not just limited to Twitter. Let it be DevTo or any other platform. Before, it was Medium, but I barely get to read Medium posts these days.

I’m wondering would it be right to blame people who are doing it, or this is what we’ve to face now for whatever reason.

This black hole of “threads” or “curated lists” filled with an insane amount of resources is so massive that it pulls you towards it with unimpaired force where you’re left with no other choice than to be dragged unintentionally. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with these small and giant black holes.

What’s the issue?

I’m not sure who and how many people think that it’s a problem, but I personally feel that it’s going to harm those who are new to the “universe” of programming. Everything’s endless here. There are no fixed destinations. You can explore as much as you want, but, it’s genuinely crucial to understand that there’s a difference between conscious examining and unconsciously switching from one place to another because the other spot is best suited in someone else’s opinion.

You might not even realise, but once you start digging the grave of resources, there’s no end to it. The safe you’re trying to open is in the pyramid. There are hundreds of vaults, and there are hundreds of pyramids. Either you spend your time collecting the gold from all the vaults and remain in the pyramid for the rest of your life, or you can pick one, keep everything you can in your bag, come out, and try to make the best use of what you’ve got.

But if you only spend your time collecting gold, you can be full of gold, but that’s where everything ends. You’re distracted by this shiny element which I previously called a “black hole”.


It’s crucial to understand that the collection of resources is a big trap when you’re learning to code. You’ll waste your time without realising, you’ll waste your energy, and when it’s time to do the actual study, you won’t be able to concentrate. Then comes the fallback. What should I do? You know the answer. You’ll search for the resources again, and you’ll start from the beginning in the hope to at least finish something, then you’ll get bored as you never had the habit of writing code.

It’s a beautiful circle where you think you’re making progress without progressing at all. A trap that gives you the hope that you can learn anything as you’ve got a list of everything under the tip of your finger.


There’s no solution. This issue will exist for now and forever.

I don’t want to give any advices or shove unnecessary philosophy, but I think these overflowing resources are reels of the universe of programming. When the day ends, it’s you who knows how much time you spent watching reels. Oh, and what did you learn from it? And how much you remember?

Hey, but what happened to this black hole that you mentioned earlier?