Previously, I tried my best to organize everything that’s part of my life which deals with learning, knowledge, and information. I ended setting up GitHub repositories, twice, so that I can put all the content over there, but it didn’t work. I gave up maintaining them. Then, I started Reblog for the same thing, but I couldn’t keep up the pace and enthusiasm to regularly update or maintain it. The domain got expired, and so was my motivation.

A couple of months ago, I decided to give it a shot for one more time. I started the CS Blog but chose to keep it hosted locally. Now, the problem with it is that it’s a complete mess. The good thing is - I regularly push updates there, but over time, things are getting messier.

What I’m trying to do now is just an attempt to organize a part of my life that deals with the things I like, enjoy, and find informative and fascinating.

The idea of having a Wiki isn’t new to me. Since the last three years, there is a section of my website called Zen which deals with the almost same thing. The only difference would be that this wiki is going to be detailed, organized, diverse, and it will continue to receive updates until I stop learning.

Every day we absorb a crazy amount of information, and we forget them at the same pace. My brain is not highly functional. I’m a slow person when it comes to memorizing, reading, or learning. The best I can do is to write down everything my mind thinks is important. I don’t want to forget the important stuff. I can’t remember everything, but I do want to remember what I want to.

The idea of having a separate space as wiki is highly inspired by geekodour’s wiki.

What contents will get shifted?

The url to the pages - Zen, Papers, Educate, Quote Blog will remain active, but the names will be removed from the website. I’m not going to delete any content from here.

In future, I might shift Project page, too, as I’m thinking to use this place solely for my short introduction and blogging, but I’m not highly sure about it.

What more?

That’s it. Nothing much. This wasn’t an announcement.