This post is primarily a self-note to remind me in future about everything that is currently going wrong with me.

On the 6th of January, when I was coming home from Railway Station, I felt a little pain in my stomach. This was nothing normal, the pain was extremely sharp but went away after a few minutes.

After coming home, I totally forget about it. There was nothing extraordinary to remember about it besides the point that if it would have last for a few more minutes, I might have ended up screaming on the road.

Life was going normal. I was spending a sufficient amount of time for studying and doing things I love. Although, my health wasn’t good at this point in time!

As far as I remember, it was the 3rd of February when I felt this pain again. The single exception was that it wasn’t very sharp, but it stayed for the whole night.

Next day, when I woke up, I felt the stretch in my stomach, and there was a little pain, as well. I assumed that it might be due to the kind of food I’m out, and it’s just acidity.

Turns out, even after eating or drinking anything, I started to feel pain in my stomach. Feeling the stretch in the whole abdomen while standing straight was normal. If somehow I ended up coughing, sneezing, laughing, or even yawning, the pain would hit me hard.

I had no idea what I was dealing with, but I wanted to fix it without the help of a doctor. I hate medicines, and I would still do anything to avoid them. Anyway, I decided to change my diet, and as far as I remember, from 9th of January, I stopped eating outside. The funny thing is - I just used to eat Biriyani and nothing, and it’s never unhealthy to eat Biriyani, but in order to get rid of this pain, I stopped eating it.

Surprisingly, the pain I had started to go, but one day when I was working, I felt it again, and this wasn’t normal. At this point in time, I had no idea what to do, and no one in my family knew about it.

Days passed, and I spent 24 days with minor pain in my whole stomach. I was literally living with it because I didn’t want to visit the doctor and take medicines. Meanwhile, I was doing everything to fix this problem, but it didn’t go.

The real problem started the grow with the start of February. I was dealing with this issue 24x7. I couldn’t eat, sit, and sleep properly. While waking up in the morning, the pain made me feel like shit. I couldn’t wake up on time. I couldn’t do anything properly. I felt like this thing was eating me from the inside, and it was. The pain was unbearable, but I was dealing with it.

Two days before I went to the hospital, my mother forced to tell me what’s going with me because she spotted the difference in my behaviour. Due to weakness, I was spending too much of my time on my bed which is a rare thing for me. Getting angry, not eating, not going out, and taking time even doing a small task - these things were transforming into an entirely different person.

20th February, 2019

After avoiding doctors for almost 45 days, I finally visited the hospital. I still remember meeting the doctor for the first time, but the huge issue was going to the hospital as it was 10kms away from my home. If everything would have been fine, it wouldn’t have been a big issue for me covering a long distance because I’m used to it, but my condition was so poor that even a slight pressure or force could cause extreme pain in my stomach.

In order to reach to the hospital, I had to switch autorickshaw 3 times. Again, this isn’t a problem, as the issue was the condition of the roads. Every damaged road was the source of pain. I had a rough time that day.

Nevertheless, after reaching the hospital, I met the doctor and told him everything. He told me that he needed to see the Ultrasound reports to understand the issue, and gave me medicines which I had to take for the next 5-days.

27th February, 2019

On the 27th of February, I got my ultrasound reports and decided to visit the doctor on 28th.

Here is something to understand -

I was visiting a Government hospital because a lot of senior and extremely experienced doctors sit there, but when you go to the room, there are more doctors sit along with the head doctor. These doctors are young and less experienced. In other words, we can say that they are “practising”. To me, this is like a nightmare because I face a hard time believing the legitness of a doctor. I respect these people, but I don’t trust them.

28th February, 2019

It was a hectic day, and the pain was still there. Even after taking medicines for five days, nothing changed. Coming to the hospital was a big issue because I was having an extremely tough time dealing with my pain.

After I came to the hospital, I realised that the doctor who examined me earlier wasn’t in the room. There were four doctors, and they all looked nothing like the one whom I’ve seen before.

I found out that different doctors examins patients on different days, but you can find them on the same day of the week.

It took some time, but I finally told everything that was happening with me. The doctor didn’t interrupt, so it was a big relief. Anyway, after hearing everything and checking my Ultrasound reports, he had a doubt that I might have Tuberculosis, but he wasn’t sure about it. Although, I was asked if anyone in my family had TB before. The answer was - NO. Not a single person in my family has suffered due to any form of Tuberculosis.

The interesting thing - The doctor kept asking if I know anyone who has suffered from this disease, and I kept on saying “No”.

After a while, I was asked to bring the X-ray of my chest to see if there’s anything in there, but nothing came out. It means, whatever was causing the problems to me, it had nothing to do with the lungs.

Later, the doctor who was examining me asked the head doctor about my issue, and he immediately told me to go for the Liver Function Test and Ascitic Fluid Test. As it was getting late, I couldn’t collect the reports of my tests so that I can show them to the doctor. The pain was already killing me, so I decided to go back home.

Funny thing ~ There were also some tests done to check if I’ve cancer. Haha!

1st March, 2019

Waking up dealing with the pain became a habit, and the unfortunate thing was that I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I had to deal with it as there were no other options except to wait for the doctors to tell me what the hell is wrong with my body.

Anyway, I went to the hospital to collect the reports and came home as soon as I could. I wish visiting the hospital and coming back home was an easy thing to do. The broken roads were giving me a hard time. My stomach wasn’t in the position to deal with even a slight force. Each bump on the road made go “Ouch!”.

2nd March, 2019

I went to the same hospital, again. This time, I met another doctor. I knew this would happen, but the disappointing this was that there were no senior doctors.

To be frank, I really don’t trust these junior guys with the stethoscope. The condition can be worse if you meet them in Government hospital. Here’s how you can understand the kind of doctor they are, and the amount of knowledge they hold.

The more the guy is arrogant, the less experience he holds.

The person who was about to examine me was arrogant as fuck. I saw him talking absolute horseshit with the patients. He must be around 25, but full of shit. Fast-forward, my turn came, I started to tell him my problem, and in the middle - I asked him a question, and the fucker immediately lost his mind. He told me to shut up and not to ask any question because “I don’t know anything.”

The whole incident pissed me off, so I went loud on him and asked him to behave in a proper way, otherwise, if he has the right to show is arrogance on people older than him, I can do the same, and it won’t be good for his ego. The whole room was quiet for a moment, and everyone was looking at both of us. If I’ve had enough strength that day, believe me, I’d have undoubtedly hit him hard on his face.

Later when the whole situation was under control, he checked my reports and asked a few questions about my issue. I could see the face with “lack of experience.” The doctor had no idea how serious my issue was, and he definitely didn’t understand anything, so he told me the bring the reports of two more tests (HBsAg and HCV) that had nothing to do with my problem. The dude was unquestionably out of his freaking mind. No kidding!

Every time I visited the hospital, I used to come with my Nana Ji. During the whole period of time, he was a big support. Without him, I think things might have turned worse.

~ On a lighter note, every time I mention “we”, it means I’m talking about my Nana Ji and me.

Anyway, we decided to not to go for these tests because the whole incident only made us less confident about the doctor’s words. It was a safe bet, so we left the place.

4th March, 2019

On the 2nd of March, it was already decided that we are going to visit another doctor because I couldn’t afford to lose more time dealing with the wrong doctors as I had no interest or intention dying from sickness.

This day, at around 4’o clock, I left my home and went to the clinic so that my name could come early in the list as the doctor checks 70 patients in a single day. Fortunately, one of my relatives (one of the few humble people I know, personally) was already present there, so my name got written first on the list.

At around 7’o clock, everything was done, and I was informed to come to the clinic at 11 AM. Fine. I did.

Anyway, I described everything to the doctor, every single thing. I had numerous test reports with me, so, I showed them to him. After listening to everything, and examining every report, he had the clear idea of what’s happening with me, but to make everything extremely clear and sure, he asked me to bring the CT scan of my abdomen, and Ascitic Fluid Test reports.

Although the AFT had been done before, the doctor said that the reports aren’t reliable. I had no reason to doubt his words as I knew where I had been in the last few weeks and what kind of doctors I met.

The final news - 70% chances of Tuberculosis in some part of the abdomen, probably the intestines. My lungs were fine though. Quite surprising hehe!

Update ~ 11th March, 2019

I went to a Pathology for the CT scan. What a horrible experience. I mean everything was good when I was inside the machine which was doing its job, but in the middle of the session, the person who was operating everything injected shit-ton of some cold fluid through a big injection. I had to close my fist extremely hard so that the vein could be visible on the upside. Anyway, for the next 3-4 hours, my hand was in pain, and the body was cold.

I’ll get the reports tomorrow. Let’s see what happens. Although I’m aware of everything that’s going to be in the report, still, I’m kinda afraid. Moreover, the AFT is still left, and I haven’t found any decent place which can help me take out the fluid from my abdomen.

Update ~ 12th March, 2019

I spent another day dealing with extreme discomfort. The process for Ascitic Fluid Test was extremely disturbing. Last time when the doctor took out the fluid, he used a different method which wasn’t painful, at all. This time, the fluid was taken out with the help of ultrasound and the injection which had big-ass needles.

When the doctor inserted the syringe in my stomach, I could feel the needles breaking my muscles apart. I wasn’t allowed to move, even a bit. The worst thing is - it took him multiple attempts to take out the required amount of fluid, which means the syringe was inserted multiples times in my stomach.

Anyway, I got the CT Scan reports today. It says I’ve Peritoneal Tuberculosis, and there is the formation of cocoons in the pelvic region.

Just another bad day. I’m not sure what else to say, it’s almost 11 pm, and things aren’t alright.

Update ~ 13th March, 2019

I went to the hospital to show the reports. After checking everything, the doctor said that the tuberculosis is in my Abdomen. He had already said that before, he just wanted to be sure about it.

I’ve been advised to take 1.5 tablets each day, for the next 12 months. Moreover, I’ll need to take the injections for the next 30 days. Bad days for my ass are ahead.

Update ~ 29th March, 2019

It’s been 17 days. There is no relief in pain even though I’m regularly taking my medicines and injection. I’ve to take pain-killers to feel better.

Anyway, I got a call from Nana Ji, and he said that we’ll visit the District Hospital tomorrow. Also, I was at one of my friend’s home and during a conversation, his father asked me about my health, and I told him everything. He made a few calls to some people for further help and advised me to visit the District Hospital. Let’s see what’s there for tomorrow…

Update ~ 30th March, 2019

I’m ditching the old medicines. I was afraid to do so, but I’m going for the new ones. The doctor says that new medicines will surely help me. Also, I’ll take three tablets, daily, for the next six months. The medicine course

But thanks to the injections, I’m not even able to sit properly. My health is on it’s lowest point. I’ve lost around 15 kgs. I hope things get better

Update ~ 28st September, 2019

On the 21st of September, I got my Ultrasound reports, which stated -

Thickened bowel loops seen in with small mesenteric lymph nodes. No definite ascetics is seen.

From the reports, I was able to guess that my disease hasn’t disappeared yet, even after six months. The good thing - no Ascetic fluid was seen in the abdomen, although the problem in lymph nodes usually gives us the sign that the body is still fighting with some bacteria or virus, in my case, it’s Tuberculosis.

Another thing I realised that I’m going to be under medications for a few more months, probably two to three. I still had to speak to the doctor. On 23rd, I went to the hospital with my reports.

After checking my reports, the doctor said that I’ll be under medications for the next three months. I wasn’t shocked.

While I’m writing this, I feel frustrated. Not sad, but disappointed. 90 more days. 270 more tablets. 1 more Ultrasound. I’ve to wait till 3rd January. There is nothing I can pretend to do, except for waiting and swallowing pills.

This is not the end. I’ll update the blog if things get better or worse. For now, the only thing I can say is that I never had gone through such pain, and I hope I get better very soon!

Update ~ 2nd January, 2020

I left my home around 10 am and went to the Pathology Center for my ultrasound test. This one was very critical as it would decide if my stomach is free from Tuberculosis or not.

The pain in upper-part of my abdomen hasn’t disappeared. Any form of pressure creates pain which shows that the disease hasn’t gone yet. It just makes me feel disappointed as it’s been nine months taking medicines and I’m still not fully recovered.

Anyway, with bad feelings, I went to the room and got my tests done. To my surprise, the person who was doing the ultrasound asked me to go to the next room where they do the CT scan.

Fast-forward, I got results after a couple of hours and came back home. Under the Impression, this is what was written -

Enlarged lymphnodes (2.2 x 1.5 cm) are seen in the periportal and periportal region. Clinical correlation is necessary.

It means that the Tuberculosis isn’t completely cured yet. Enlarged Lymphnodes usually indicate that the body is fighting with bacteria.

What next?

  • Tomorrow, I’m going to visit the hospital.

  • I’m hoping that I’ll be under medications for three more months.

Update ~ 3rd of January, 2020

Terrible day. The doctor was a moron. He refused to discuss the reports. I’m 100% sure that he didn’t look at the reports for more than two seconds, and even though he did, he was unable to find out whether the disease is still there or not.

He said,

You’re taking medicines for the last nine months. You’re fine now. Your disease is cured. Just because there’s a pain in your stomach, doesn’t mean its Tuberculosis.

I was sure he’s wrong. I went to see another doctor in the same hospital, and he advised me to take medicines for three more months.

After the heated conversation with the doctor who refused to agree that my disease hasn’t gone yet, I asked him to provide me with the medicines for the three more months.

Unpleasant experience. I’ve read hundreds of articles by now, and I’m trying to understand what’s taking so long. People get rid of this silly disease within six months. The maximum is nine.

I always feel like I’m unlucky when it comes to getting proper treatment, or maybe I’ve become so weak that my body takes more than enough time to fix itself. Medicines work slowly on me.

My pain hasn’t gone yet. I can do nothing but wait. It sucks.

I’ll be under medications till the 24th of March. Let’s see what happens. I’m not expecting any good or bad news. Just waiting for the day when I get rid of this disease.

Update ~ 11th of April, 2020

After continuously taking pills for 370 days, I stopped taking medicines on the 28th of March. I always thought it’d be a happy moment and I’ll feel different about it, but everything was normal.

On the other hand, I missed taking meds for a couple of days after lunch.

What about the pain in my stomach? Well, it hasn’t completely gone yet, but due to the complete lockdown and unavailability of the vehicle because of COVID-19 Outbreak, I wasn’t able to go for the Ultrasound.

I think I’m fine, can’t say though. I’m not sure, but I feel like I’m fine. I’m hoping this pain will disappear someday, hopefully. I don’t want to die because of this goddamn Tuberculosis. That’d be poor sleep.

There are uncertainties, so I can’t say much. Although I never skipped a single day without taking medicine and completed the whole course, I think my disease is gone now. I hope it has.

The reason for pain might be something else. I don’t want to google anything, so I’ll skip this part.


I’m happy to say that the journey of this blog ends today. There will be no further updates, and I’m genuinely pleased to write it.