I dislike a lot of people who are in my contact list. There is nothing personal about anything, but it makes me feel extremely anxious when I spot them being a hypocrite. It happens a lot, so I decided to build a simple Telegram bot which can send reminders to these people, daily. Of course, I gave them the option to unsubscribe. I didn’t want to harass them with my messages. I did it for fun. That’s it.

Here are the messages -

  "wisdom" : [
        {"message" : "Lose it all and hit yourself in the head with a hammer to make the voices stop."},
        {"message" : "One day, life will lose meaning. Until then, keep working in an office building."},
        {"message" : "Why do your best when you can just kill yourself? "}
        {"message" : "Someone has to be a pathetic piece of shit. You can do it."}
        {"message" : "The fact that you are sexy, doesn't mean that you are talented."}
        {"message" : "Marriage is just another word for a nuclear test site."}
        {"message" : "You are a lonely normie."}
        {"message" : "Someone should feel pain. You can be that someone."}
        {"message" : "Let people know that your life is incredibly loaded with diseases."}

Thanks to the lovely Inspirbot for all the quotes!

The messages are getting sent in the following format -

Today’s wisdom -

“One day, life will lose meaning. Until then, keep working in an office building.”

To stop getting these quotes, reply “/myasshurts”

Thank You.

  • The Loyal Bot.

The subscribe again, the user needs to message - `/iamafuckfacehypocrite`

I’m going to shut the bot down. It’s been a couple of days, and the people in my contact list must have already received some messages, and I think that’s enough. I know it was a dick move, but I enjoyed doing it. No hard feelings for anyone, it’s just that those people are remarkably irritating.

On a lighter note, I just found out that we can schedule messages on Telegram. Not bad!