To me, social media isn’t about distractions, or it isn’t something that makes you less productive. I mean that’s how I feel about it, but there is always a place where you will find people complaining about their productive life getting ruined by the social media sites. How much of the truth does it hold?

Currently, I don’t have any answer to it, but I hope at the end of this post, I’ll get to something, but I’m not sure.

As the January begin, I decided to be away from a few of the social media sites, like, Facebook and Instagram, in general. No, they weren’t a distraction to me, and neither they were degrading the quality of the life I live. Well, there are two questions, and I’ll put them separately for the sake of clarity.

1 ~ Why do I use Instagram (and Facebook), and why did I stop using it?

2018 was the year when I was extremely active on Instagram, and the reason behind my so-called “addictive presence” on it was that I travelled to different cities, and captured countless unforgettable moments. I could have blogged about everything, but that would’ve been too much for me. Also, I’m not a travel blogger, or neither I’m a traveller.

Instagram was a decent place to share that tiny-bit of memories, and since the journey never stopped, I remained there.

I don’t see the platform as a source of entertainment. For most of the time, I avoid the endless scrolling and try not to be an Instagram fuckboy! I mean, these are a few things that I hate, and doing the same could have been made me the biggest hypocrite.

In 2018, November was the last month from the travelling point of view. I went to Varanasi for Dev Deepawali. Hell of an experience it was, I must say. Before that, in October, I was in Hyderabad for almost ten days.

Although I had plans to go out in December, for some reasons, I decided to stay at home. So, yes, that’s it. The journey was over, and I had no motivation to use Instagram.

On the 1st of January, I uninstalled the application and freed up some space in my phone.

One more thing - My phone is a piece of shit, but it does things, so I find it okay to use. I hope I could be this calm next time when I talk about my phone, as it never happens because I snap.

About Facebook

Facebook proved to be my principal source of livelihood in 2018. Thanks to the friends who referred me those projects. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I blew around ~60k (INR) only on travelling, eating, smoking, and drinking. The funny thing - I didn’t even buy anything beyond. Unquestionably nothing.

Why would you be inactive on such place which proved to be helpful to you?

I don’t know. This year, I would rather be active on some Freelance sites instead of Facebook. This choice has nothing to do with money.

Another question - How do I feel after leaving those places?

I’ve never felt any form of attachment with any of the social media platforms. Surprisingly, I believe that my social life is utterly pathetic. I don’t enjoy being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or XYZ. I’ve got a bit of a temper issue, so seeing something pathetic makes me nuts.

I don’t think I’m a frustrated guy who wants to rant about anything and everything, but experiencing what’s not logical kills me. I’m just telling the truth.

There was a time when I used to get involved in all kind of discussions going on a Facebook page, but I learned to avoid it, and turns out, it was a valid decision. I understand what’s going on, and I try not to be a part of it, at least not of something which at the end of the day, is going to fill me with anxiety.

In case if it’s still not clear, the reason for my inactiveness is more about my personal feelings instead of the amount of time I spend using these social media platforms. I don’t want to bug myself with something which can I can efficiently dodge.

Even Quora makes me feel anxious. I don’t understand why it happens, or maybe I do!

Hypotheticality, unreal morality, sugarcoated bullshit, worthless amount of goodness, too much of the fakeness, pretending to be something you are not, doing everything for the sake of acceptance and living in an ideological echo chamber. I don’t want to be a part of any of it. These are a few places where individuals find satisfaction, but it’s all illusion. Life is more than that, or at least to me, it unquestionably is.

I’ve decided to stay on Twitter because I’m a Programmer, and I follow good people to keep myself updated regarding what’s going on in the current scenario in my field.

In the beginning, there was a question -

…but there is always a place where you will find people complaining about their productive life getting ruined by the social media sites. How much of the truth does it hold?

For me, it holds the negligible amount of truth. Things may be different for others, but it’s my personal opinion. For some reasons, I believe it might be the truth, but human beings are odd creatures, they debunk the reality, and maybe that’s why the large portion of us are living in a world full of illusion.