In a few days, I’ll leave my place to go to Delhi. I never liked that city. Had an unpleasant experience in 2016 when I went there to attend PyCon.

The conference was great, and the town was okay, but the interaction with people went disappointing. The reason for this could be - I wasn’t aware of the tone of their language. The way they speak - it’s not gentle. I had always lived in a different environment, with people who are friendly to each other. I was almost 17years old with no experience whatsoever when it came to travelling. Delhi was the first place I ever visited alone. I was indeed a little scared.

The reason I’m talking about the tone of people’s language is that I saw how they treat others. I was, I guess, smart enough to stay out of the mess, but I couldn’t stop myself from observing things that were happening, and it made me feel sick from the inside. It was hard for me to find the genuineness in the city. Big malls, shopping complexes, PVRs - these things don’t attract me, at all. I’m not a big fan of people who talk about brands in a casual conversation. And Delhi - well, it was all about everything that makes me feel anxious.

On another hand, as an outsider, I don’t think I should blame people, and I’m not blaming them either. There are a few things which I can’t forget, and travelling to Delhi is one of them. The reasons are not so good, but the journey is going to be unforgettable.

Anyway, I’ll be leaving home on the 2nd of October. Indeed, I don’t want to go, but I’ve to. Within a few months, I’ve lost my interest from travelling. A lot of things bother me, but I’m trying not to fall in this pit full of snakes. The current plan is to go to Haridwar from Delhi, after attending a friend’s birthday party. I wish I could skip the party, but he’s a dear friend of mine.

Me, along with two of my buddies, are planning to visit Haridwar and Rishikesh. We’ll be leaving Delhi on the 5th of October. I haven’t been to Uttrakhand before, so I don’t know what I’m going to see there. Moreover, travelling would have been easy if I was going solo, but I’m willing to try what is it like to go out with friends on a long trip.

To be honest, I’m not excited about this trip because my mind is dealing with a lot of with stress. I’m having a tough time dealing with everything from studies to life. I can’t rest because it makes me think even more. All I do nowadays is - study, reading books, and writing code. These things have become my habit, and the truth is - sometimes you just can’t enjoy your habit. You do it because you’ve put yourself in a position where you feel empty if you maintain a distance from it, even for a while.

I hope this trip helps because chewing gum is giving a difficult time for my jaws.