People fear to aim higher because they think others might make fun of their goals, their life, and the hard work they are putting towards to achieve what they want. It’s a danger zone for everyone, and unfortunately, only a few people manage to escape from it. Most of the time, it’s too late when we realize the reality.

But what can we pretend to do if we realize something and it’s too late? What change can we bring in a short span of time? We are humans, not Superhuman. I have less faith in morality.

So, what’s the point of talking about morality?

There is a reason I put the concept of “reality” above “morality”. I think what is REAL is not MORAL. When we talk about morality, we only assume of goodness. Isn’t it a completely biased view?

I believe that reality is a by-product of morality. Things we did right, things we did wrong. The result is in front of us, and it’s the truth. Unpure truth.

Not forgetting to mention, the only reason I am talking about morality here is that I think people think the capability is everything. We know it’s not. There is no point in sugarcoating the truth, but that’s what we do.

Now, if the capability is not everything then what is? I have got the capability, and so does everyone on this planet. But is it enough?

To be honest, I don’t think capability decides your faith. The concept of ‘smart work’ seems to be overrated. Everyone wants to be a smart person, but how many of them, really work for what they want?

There are a series of questions which are still unanswered.

So, why do people fear to aim higher?

The reason I think is - lack of determination, discipline, and ability to work hard. This lack of ‘everything’ questions their capability and decides their ability.

If I’m not working hard and determined to follow a timetable, I won’t be able to become a disciplined person. If I lack discipline, I won’t be able to work hard. If I don’t work hard, the aroma of determination will slowly fade away.

Am I capable of doing all these things? Of course, yes, I am. But doing these things will only value my capabilities.

When you talk about people’s capability, you only give them false hope. People live in false hope. They assume that they can achieve everything they want. While some people do, a vast majority of people are still worried about what others think of them.

Only, for a while, we stop thinking about opinion and work hard with full dedication to achieve our goals, things would be much better.