0.1x Programmer

I'm Rishi, a Computer Science Student and Programmer. Technically, I should have been in an Engineering College, but I'm not, and that's why I study everything related to CS from the Internet.

I love working for a cause, and I'm passionate about Web Technologies, Programming languages, Mathematics, Computer Networking, and Open Source Software. There is nothing extremely special about me, but I consider myself as an enthusiastic learner. Self-studying has taught me the importance of right knowledge, and it's one of the reasons why I deeply care about Quality Education and the Education System.

JavaScript is a language that I mostly work with, but I'm fascinated by Rust, so I'm trying to learn it as well!

Apart from the tech part, I love exploring things related to Social Issues, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, and Psychology.

Feel free to drop me a mail at ~ rushforlinux@gmail.com

My Public Key is ~ 332F 38BC 7849 158A

You can find me on ~  GitHub,  npm,  Instagram,  Twitter,  Medium, Wordpress  Facebook,  Quora, and  Google+

Last but not least, I admire Aaron Swartz and Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. They are my idols.